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We made a huge mistake by hiring a local attorney in Mohave County, not only did they not tell us what was going on, they messed up the case by not filing/handling the file properly. Originally we spoke with the main office attorney, and he made us feel like himself and the other two attorneys in his office would handle the case, so we thought, excellent how can you go wrong. It wasn’t until we realized my family member was looking at facing serious felony charges, facing approximately 20-25 years in prison. We felt like they were not on our side, and they did not care what happened. We felt hopeless and extremely sad, as we thought our family member had no choice then to just continue on with the case, and hope for the best. Well the family got together after that hearing, and discussed that we need to help find someone that will have his best interest, or we wouldn’t see him for a very long time. We did our research and found Jack and Richard from Maricopa County. After contacting them, we were fearful we waited too long, but to our surprise they were able to step in and save the case with the best outcome. They did more in the first 2 weeks, then the other 3 attorneys did in the last 6 months. We felt hope again, we felt like we had a chance to bring our family member home. The result of the case ended up beyond our expectations. The sad part if we would have just hired them from the beginning instead of waste time, emotional stress, we probably would have settled the case with community service. Lesson learned for myself, any family member or friend, don’t mess around with hiring the wrong attorney. Your life matters, find someone that is on your side. We definitely felt Jack and Richard were on our family members side. You could tell they truly cared, which meant the world to us. Thank you again Jack and Richard for all that you have done.


I was facing serious felony charges and within 24 hours of taking on my case, they interviewed the key witness, got my charges dropped and me back home with my family. They were relentless and aggressive in defending me. Their communication is outstanding and I was always as up to date as possible with any and all progress. All of my questions were answered without hesitation. I would recommend them a thousand times over!


Jack is outstanding! My husband was facing a serious charge and not only did Jack get it dropped, he was able to do it in less than 24 hours. I was treated with nothing but respect and courtesy. Jack was incredibly informative and responded very quickly to any and all questions I had. I would recommend him a million times over to anyone in need. You will not be disappointed!


After feeling completely defeated with the original attorney we hired, My fiancé was facing a minimum of 11+years. We decided to seek better counsel & came across Richard Gaxiola who teamed up with Jack Litwak they accomplished more in their first week on the case then the other attorney did in 10 months!

They communicated with us throughout the whole process, spoke to us in terms we were able to understand and actually cared about my fiancé and the case. Which was one of our problems with the other attorney, we never knew what was going on until we were in the court room. After learning the previous attorney messed up on numerous things throughout the case Richard and Jack were able to reduce my fiancé’s sentencing to 2 years plus time served so he’ll only do a year!!! Had we done our research early on and hired Jack and Rich from the beginning he would have been out! We were not going down without a fight and that’s exactly what Rich and Jack did!
We could not recommend them enough for Serious Felony cases.


First of all I’d like to start off by saying, It was a Huge mistake hiring the first law firm From Kingman Az. to handle a very serious case for My Son, As it appears they did not fight the case correctly.

After hearing from the first firm that My Son was going to spend a lot of years in prison, we felt panicked until we contacted Jack Litwak And Richard Gaxiola.

Jack and Richard got involved in the case and immediately fought harder and filed so many more motions than the prior attorney. It was clear to us that they were the right lawyers for My Sons serious felony cases. They immediately made us feel better, answered all of my questions and kept in direct contact with me, and most importantly got an amazing result because of how hard they fought and how much they cared for my Son.

I would recommend them to anyone facing serious felony charges


Jack was an OUTSTANDING attorney and truly saved me from severe charges as well as facing jail time. I’m a college student and a first time offender who’s life was nearly ruined. Jack got involved after a prior attorney had put me in a really bad position, and I ended up pleading to jail time. The time did not fit the crime and I knew I was not represented with correct council. I quickly began to search for an attorney after I entered the plea, and found Jack. He obtained an amazing result saving me from four months of jail time and a felony DUI. I had spoke to almost 6 attorneys prior to jack, and began to give up hope due to other attorneys not seeing a light at the end of my situation. Jack met up with me personally and was very blunt about my situation. He constantly stayed in contact, answered every single question and concern, and I dealt with him directly at all times. He was truly worth every cent and would 100% refer him to anyone in need of a great attorney!


I originally called a different attorney trying to get off probation and they recommended me to Mr. Litwak. I do not even remember who it was but it was one of the best things that could have happened. From the moment I spoke with him on the phone I felt like I finally had a chance. I have hired multiple lawyers in the past for different things and spoke to a few about this current case, and I can truthfully say I feel like Mr. Litwak was the only one who actually cared about me as a person and did not just want to take my money. He went above and beyond on every aspect. We all know how slow and backed up the courts can be but Jack stayed on top of everything. Without Jack I truly feel like my chances of getting off probation were slim. This man knows his way around the court and gets stuff done! If you are ever in need of some legal advice or help I highly recommend that you at least get a consultation with Jack. I know if I ever need anything again he will be the first one I call. Thanks again man I appreciate you more than you know!


I came to Jack with a serious criminal issue. Not only did he keep in contact with me above and beyond all expectations but he went even farther to obtain very favorable results. During the precedings he showed his true knowledge even down to case research and the use of case law. I had a very complex case but Jack did the impossible. Thank you for all your help.


Mr. Litwak’s knowledge of the intricacies of the legal system and his ability to connect with his clients on a personal level provide for an attorney-client relationship which is outmatched. All of the employees at Litwak Law Group are immensely helpful and receptive to any issues that may arise during the course of your representation and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Litwak or Litwak Law Group!


This man is more than an attorney. He is an Angel and a miracle worker! If you are looking for an attorney that has morals, ethics, and integrity, Attorney Jack Litwak is your man. When it comes to pricing he is reasonable and honest. We were extremely lucky to have found him to help us in this very difficult time. I highly recommend him!


Jack went above and beyond for my daughter. He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He always answered questions and concerns and made sure we were aware of everything that was happening throughout our case. His presentation in the court room is remarkable. If ever I should again need an attorney, 100% will be contacting Jack.


Jack helped me out about a month ago in a very tricky situation involving city of Phoenix. He was able to do and say all the right things to have my case go in my favor. I highly recommend his services.


In 2019 I was in a desperate need of a lawyer and I thank God that he sent Jack Litwak my way. Jack help my daughter in her criminal case, he did an awesome outstanding job. He was not only an honest, reliable person he treats you like family and for that I will always be thankful. Jack gave 100% to my daughters case. I would recommend jack to everyone.


After working my own case for 9 months I had decided it was time to bring in professional help to resolve issues and reach some sort of settlement agreement. My main concern in hiring an attorney was finding one that would give my case a voice on my behalf and be up front with me on all aspects of my case. I pulled up a listing of attorneys and began the filtering process. The last man standing was Jack Litwak and he was and is everything I had hoped for in an attorney– honest, straight forward and no bull… His partnering with another law firm was an extra benefit I had not expected which became a positive advantage for me having two opinions and direction with which to guide my case to a mutual settlement with opposing council. I will highly recommend Jack for anyone seeking a no nonsense, straight forward, to the point lawyer that listens and reacts. His immediate and personal responses to all calls was a refreshing action seldom enlisted by most other attorneys. That alone gives Litwak Law Group an A+++. P.S. He’s not a texter! 🙂


This is the best person to go through Jack Litwak helped me not to do any prison time and was able to get me probation. He actually cared and dedicated he’s time and effort on my case if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here. Thank you so much for helping me!!!!


Jack made this whole process extremely easy, and laid out everything I had to do for it to go smoothly. He got me the ultimate end result I was looking for in my Urination In Public charge of a diversion. Well done, Jack! Highly recommend.


Mr. Litwak went above and beyond to help me with my son’s case, Jack is very knowledgeable he expressed genuine concern and care for my son’s case , I’m so thankful for his honesty and hard work. I highly recommend him. Thank you Jack.


Anyone out there needing a lawyer would be a fool not to hire Jack. He’s a winner, and a fighter, and trust me, if God forbid, I ever needed a lawyer to defend myself, Jack would be at the very top of the lawyers in this Valley who I would trust to fight for me.


Very impressive, Mr. Litwak went above and beyond to help me with my case. He was extremely knowledgeable. He expressed genuine concern and care for me, as well as my case. Although I would hope to never need an attorney again, I would only trust in him.


The results of my case in which I was represented Mr. Litwak were unprecedented. I was very pleased with the reduced charge but the restitution hearing is where he really made an unprecedented difference. The financial relief I felt as a result of the restitution hearing was something like $60-$70k. I ended up with less than $5k in restitution and for that I am blessed and grateful. He really made me feel like my best interest was always the only thing he was interested in.


Jack represented me after being injured in a car accident. I tried to work with the insurance company myself but felt like they were working me over. Once Jack got involved he fought for me until the very end. He fought for a settlement nearly ten times larger than what the company was offering me originally. He negotiated my medical bills down a lot, putting as much money as possible in my pocket. Aside from the great result, one of the best parts of working with Jack was his willingness to listen to me and keep me updated through out the course of my case. He really cared about fighting for me and was very compassionate about the issues brought on by my accident. He is a great attorney and a really great guy. I highly recommend him.


Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jack was amazing with my case regarding defending myself. He was assigned to me as a public defender since I wasn’t working and self defense caused a legal issue. Jack went above and beyond to find things that the normal person wouldn’t recognize or see. Jack found that my amendment rights had been violated alot and he stood up for me, argued with a judge about issues we had not been told about and never gave up on me or my case! If you are ever in need of an amazing Criminal Defense Lawyer Call Jack!!!


Professional and Exceptional Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Litwak defended us against false allegations in a restraining order case. He met us under very short notice and completed his research and preparation in less than 24hours. His counsel was essential in helping us obtain an interpreter during court proceedings as English is a second language. Mr. Litwak was able to find criminal information against the challenging party and to crossexamine the witnesses precisely. We are not familiar with court procedures and found ourselves very comfortable because of the professional way Mr. Litak handled tbee case. Mr. Litak came prepared. He did his best to help us and we are very pleased with the outcome. If you ever find yourself in need of criminal defense call Mr. Litwak first.


Excellent Defense Attorney – Entrusted My Daughter’s Defense to Jack and He Delivered

Jack was hired by me to defend my daughter in a criminal theft/ shoplifting case. The crime had serious consequences, but Jack defended her as a first time offender and, despite several twists and turns, the outcome could not have turned out better. As an attorney, he was always available, always concentrated on the case, and always kind and courteous to me and my daughter. I highly recommend Jack.


Fantastic attorney!

I retained Jack after receiving a ticket in Phoenix. Having never been in any trouble before I was scared and did not know what to expect. I was facing large fines. Jack got the case dismissed with a single motion. He made me feel comfortable and kept me updated throughout the entire process. I would recommend him to anyone.


Great attorney and great guy

Jack represented me after being injured in a car accident. I tried to work with the insurance company myself but felt like they were working me over. Once Jack got involved he fought for me until the very end. He fought for a settlement nearly ten times larger than what the company was offering me originally. He negotiated my medical bills down a lot, putting as much money as possible in my pocket.

Aside from the great result, one of the best parts of working with Jack was his willingness to listen to me and keep me updated through out the course of my case. He really cared about fighting for me and was very compassionate about the issues brought on by my accident. He is a great attorney and a really great guy. I highly recommend him.


Mr. Litwak is very thorough, very knowledgeable, well spoken and follows through when he gives his word.

He always returned telephone calls, responded to texts messages and emails & kept my family and I updated on every new finding that would benefit us.

I am so thankful for his honesty, hard work, compassion, expertise and wise counsel. He is the absolute best!

Michelle Peterson

Jack Litwak is a very intelligent and forward thinking individual and attorney. I was in a very false charge that Police typically win by default. Jack knew the situatipn, coached me, and demonstrated to the Court that all was wrong, and we won the case. Most especially, Jack doesn’t back down. He’s one of the good guys.

Rick Ricotta

Jack is truly someone who you can trust when it comes down to your justice. I speak for my brother who is schizophrenic and Jack took on a very heavy weight taking on this case and he worked and worked, kept so much in contact with us to get to know who my brother was and believed my brothers innocence. He is very patient and understanding. He fought so hard and went out of his way to gather all the proof he needed to face what was coming to us. I am very thankful for him and if it wasn’t for him I would not have my brother here with me now. Thank you, always.

Stephanie Cabrera

This is the best person to go through. Mr litwak helped me get my fellony down to a misterminor. Due to him I didn’t go to prison.I now have a wonderful life. All thanks to Mr. litwak

Craig Wolfe

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