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Criminal Justice Case Results

Here are just some of the great results we have gotten for our clients.

Criminal Justice Case Results

Here are just some of the great results we have gotten for our clients.


State v. Molina; PF2018-160599; First Degree Murder – Achieved no charges for the client


State v. Mott; CR2018-118853; Aggravated Assault against an Officer with a fracture, Aggravated assault against an officer, Resisting Arrest, and Trespass –Dismissal

State v. Tucker; CR2019-119274; Aggravated Assault Dangerous – Dismissal

State v. Padilla; CR2018-120678; Aggravated Assault Dangerous – Dismissal

State v. Wilson; CR2018-115875; Aggravated Assault Dangerous – Not guilty

State v. Mora; CR2017-126168; Attempted Robbery and Aggravated Assault – Not guilty

State v. Bayissa; CR2021-123182-001; Charged with aggravated assault dangerous, facing 5-7.5-15 years of mandatory prison; obtained probation.

State v. Wixson; CR2019-006132-001; Charged with aggravated assault dangerous, facing 5-7.5-15 years in prison; obtained probation.

State v. Hall; CR2020-139602-001; Charged with aggravated assault dangerous for shooting alleged victim five times; facing 5-7.5-15 years in prison; obtained probation.


State v. Bayramov; CR2018-100577-001 Burglary – First trial ended in a mistrial, pled with a favorable plea

State v. Garrison; CR2017-112477; Burglary – Obtained plea to misdemeanor trespass with unsupervised probation

State v. Castillo; CR2017-80552; 24 counts of trafficking stolen property, a class two felony, one count of burglary, one count of theft. Plea offer before trial was 20 years in prison, client was facing over 300 years after a trial loss. During trial, the state gave a probation offer.

Drug Offenses

State v. Malone; CR20180125; CR20200246, CR20200359, CR20200360, and CR20200361; dangerous drug sales, transportation of dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs, misconduct involving weapons. 5 Dismissals

State v. Creswell; CR2017-140976; Possession of Dangerous Drugs Dismissal

State v. Tarvin; CR2017-146777-001; Possession of Narcotic Drugs – Client was facing 6-10-15 after trial. After litigating numerous issues we obtained a plea to a class 1 misdemeanor, drug paraphernalia with unsupervised probation

State v. Estrada; CR2018-02092; Possession of Dangerous Drugs for Sale and Transportation of Dangerous Drugs for Sale – Client was facing a presumptive term of 10 years flat in prison after a loss at trial all the way up to 30 years. Plea offer from state, with three other private attorneys over a year and a half, was for 5 years flat in prison. Mr. Litwak filed numerous motions to suppress and dismiss due to constitutional violations. State then conceded issues and offered client probation, which she accepted and was sentenced to.

State v. Bennett; CR202000358 – Largest MDMA and LSD seizure in Mohave county in 16 years, after litigating numerous constitutional violations we obtained a probation plea.

Money Laundering

State v. Fields; CR2020-00953; Client charged with money laundering, a class three felony; Won a motion to suppress the evidence due to fourth amendment violation. Case dismissed.

State v. Zuo; CR2021-001568-002; Client charged with Money laundering,  Illegal Control of an Enterprise, and residing in a House of Prostitution. Case dismissed.

State v. Vila; CR2021-00583; Client charged with money laundering. Class three felony, dismissed.

Sex Offenses

State v. Alban; CR2021-100828-001; Client charged with 23 counts including, sexual abuse, molestation, and 16 sexual misconduct with a minor counts facing mandatory life sentences after a loss at trial; Client received probation.

State v. Leyva; CR2021-104370-001; Charged with Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation; obtained probation.

Other Favorable Results

State v. Wolfe; CR2018-141238; Making Terrorist Threats and Escape – Obtained a misdemeanor at sentencing

State v. Arena; 5567683; contributing to delinquency of a minor – Dismissal

State v. Cornick; CR2017-005776-001; Interference with or Disruption of an Educational Facility – Dismissal

State v. Ricotta; CR2016-151546; Resisting Arrest – Not Guilty

State v Claudio Castillo Santos; CR2018-002877-001; Escape – Dismissal

State v. Monreal; CR2017-148977; Felony Shop Lifting & Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor – Dismissal

State v. Hamilton; CR2017-122187; Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm and False Reporting to Law Enforcement – Dismissal

State v. Amaro; CR2017-136671; Theft of Means of Transportation – Dismissal

State v. Hays; CR2018-121584; Fleeing the Scene of a Fatal Accident – State requested 3 years in prison at sentencing. Argued for and obtained probation at sentencing with 60 days initial jail, 2 for 1 credit, and work release

State v. McCormick; CM2019017687; class one misdemeanor – Trial Win: Rule 20 Motion for Judgement of Acquittal granted at trial after the state presented their case and Mr. Litwak, through cross-examination, proved the state could not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt