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Criminal Justice Case Results

Here are just some of the great results we have gotten for our clients.

Criminal Justice Case Results

Here are just some of the great results we have gotten for our clients.


Client charged with Murder due to GEOfencing data. I went out and investigated all the issues, uncovering every alibi witness and supporting documents. Submitted request to turn down charging. The state turned down charges and released client.

Aggravated Assault Dangerous

Client charged with Aggravated Assault Dangerous after chopping a man’s arm off with a machete. Litigated numerous issues, asserted self defense. Case Dismissed. 


Client charged with aggravated assault after shooting man five times. Litigated numerous issues, asserted self defense-client received probation.


Client charged with aggravated assault dangerous after shooting man through his hand and into his neck, man was unarmed. Client found not guilty


Client charged with aggravated assault after allegedly threatening and attempting to stab three people. After numerous motions and interviews: Case dismissed.

Property Crimes and Theft


Client was charged with robbery and aggravated assault after the victim identified him on scene. Jury found not guilty.



Client charged with burglary after being identified by three witnesses, facing mandatory prison. Resolved with a misdemeanor plea offer.


Trafficking Stolen Property & Theft

Client charged with 24 counts of trafficking stolen property and theft.  Plea offer before trial was 20 years in prison, client was facing over 300 years after a trial loss. During the trial, we precluded a majority of the state’s evidence. Client walked out of court on probation. 

Drug Offenses

Drug Sales and Possession

Client charged with five different felony cases. In each case he was charged with dangerous drug sales, transportation of dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs, misconduct involving weapons. Facing decades of mandatory prison. We got all five cases dismissed with prejudice.


Charged with possession of Dangerous drugs, filed numerous motions to suppress the evidence. Case dismissed. 


Client charged with Possession of Dangerous Drugs for Sale, facing 5-15 years in prison. Her plea with 4 other lawyers was 5 years flat. We found numerous constitutional violations and were able to get her probation.  


Client charged with possession of dangerous drugs for sale. Prosecutor stated it was the Largest MDMA and LSD seizure in Mohave county in 16 years..We found numerous constitutional violations and obtained probation for the client.

Money Laundering; Illegal Control of Criminal Enterprise; and Prostitution Cases

Client charged with Money Laundering. Facing years in prison. Filed motion to suppress evidence. Case dismissed. Nearly half a million dollars returned to client. 

Client charged with Money Laundering,  Illegal Control of an Enterprise, and residing in a House of Prostitution. Filed motion to dismiss. Case dismissed.

Client charged with Money Laundering, drug possession. Filed motion to suppress, case was dismissed. 

Sex Offenses

Sex Misconduct with a minor and Molestation 

Client accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. Interviewed witnesses, tracked down evidence, submitted a turn down request to the prosecutor. Prosecutor agreed not to charge the case. 

Client accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. Client charged with 23 counts including sexual abuse, molestation, and 16 sexual misconduct with a minor counts facing mandatory life sentences. All sexual counts dismissed, client plead to child abuse and received probation.

Charged with Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation, obtained probation.

Other Favorable Results

Fraud Schemes

Client charged with Fraud schemes, managing criminal syndicate, theft, trafficking stolen property. Facing 115 years in prison. Received probation. 


Client charged with fraud schemes involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obtained a probation plea with a chance to earn a misdemeanor.

Resisting Arrest

Client charged with Resisting arrest. Found not guilty at trial. 


Client was charged with extreme DUI. Obtained a reckless driving plea.

Disorderly conduct Dangerous, Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm; False Reporting 

Client charged with Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm and False Reporting to Law Enforcement, Disorderly conduct dangerous. Filed a motion to suppress her statements. Case dismissed.

Making Terrorist Threats and Escape 

Client was charged with terrorist threats for threatening to blow up a gas facility and attempting to escape from the police car. Obtained a misdemeanor at sentencing. 

Felony Interference of an Educational Facility

Client charged with a felony for making threats and assaulting someone at an educational facility. Filed a motion to dismiss and obtained a dismissal.