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Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police

The moment Mr. Litwak met Mr. Molina, within 24 hours of his arrest, he knew he was absolutely innocent and wrongfully accused of the First Degree Murder charge. Yet officers somehow refused to see it—to look to evidence such as possible alibi witnesses and to look at text messages that supported those witness statements before they arrested Mr. Molina. Instead they relied on a drag net that uses data to show the physical location of the device accessing the google account, not the location of the actual account holder. They believed that Mr. Molina was at the scene of the murder at the time the of the murder because his google data appeared to show that his google account may have been there. Mr. Litwak, within 48 hours of Mr. Molina’s arrest, set out to obtain independent evidence that completely contradicted law enforcement’s claim. Mr. Litwak interviewed numerous witnesses who provided a very clear alibi: that Mr. Molina was not at the location the murder took place at the time it occurred. Mr. Litwak collected text messages and screen shots from the witness’s uber accounts and transactions that corroborated their interviews. Mr. Litwak submitted everything to the prosecutors office demanding Mr. Molina be released and that they not pursue charges against Mr. Molina as he was very clearly innocent.

The arrest and charge have permanently changed the course of Mr. Molina’s life. He was arrested at work, subsequently lost his job, had to drop out of school, had his car repossessed because the police held it for months, and had his mugshot plastered all over the internet forever associated with the accusation of Murderer. What happened to him was entirely unjust. The Litwak Law Group sets out to protect people from injustices such as this one.

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