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A Brief Overview of Plea Bargains in Arizona Plea bargains, also known as plea agreements, are a tool used by prosecutors to obtain convictions voluntarily in exchange for lighter charges and or sentences for the defendant. They are incredibly popular, estimates of the percentage of criminal cases that result in a

Actual vs Constructive Possession: What is the difference? The law recognizes different types of possession.  “Actual possession” means the defendant knowingly had direct physical control over an object.  “Constructive possession” means the defendant, although not actually possessing an object, knowingly exercised dominion or control over it, either acting alone or through another person.

What Are the Three Elements of Self-Defense? Is it legal to defend yourself if someone attacks you? Well… it depends on the circumstances. Self-defense is a defense based on justification under A.R.S 13-404 and is often used in assault, battery, and any other crimes that involve physical force. It basically means

Can Police Continue to Question You About Topics Unrelated to the Traffic Stop After the Purpose for the Traffic Stop is Over? After a police officer stops you they cannot question you on matters unrelated to the traffic stop. However, if they have reasonable and articulable suspicion that there is a